Dedicated teachers, trained in naturalist knowledge and wilderness observation skills, who love your children, are patient with them, listen to them, and want to see them grow in the truest way possible.


School Team

Our teachers are chosen carefully. We make sure we have the right balance of knowledge and care. Naturalist training and medical response readiness is important. But also understanding children and where they are developmentally and emotionally. Our teachers exhibit the traits of intellect, patience, and compassion. And we agree on our philosophy of giving the kids space to roam and explore. But also the harmony of knowing when to enter into their exploration and teach them to dig a little deeper into the mysteries of the natural world, themselves and their friends.    

Sara Otis (director / lead teacher)
Elena Brewton (teacher)


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Stephen Otis
Kayla MacLaughlin






Board of Directors

Our Board is a diverse group of individuals that provides a wide array of perspectives. But we all share one thing in common. We are passionate about children learning in a natural setting in order to foster a holistic education that teaches the value of beauty amidst the diversity of all living things. 


Sara Otis

  • President
  • Founder
  • KFS Director

Stephen Otis

  • Board Chair
  • Founder

Megan Chaney

  • Vice President
  • M.A. in early childhood development

Sarah Zimmerman

  • Secretary
  • Legacy Parks

Michael Lantz

  • Early Childhood Specialist
  • University of Tennessee

Tara Winterbotham

  • Tate's School of Discovery

Ashlyn Schwartz

  • PhD student at the University of Tennessee

Ryan Garner

  • Professor, Pellissippi

Chad Savage

  • Treasurer
  • Outward Bound