Our program is sustainable for a good, strong future. But here are some ways we are seeking community help:


  • Your gift will help children come to the school who cannot normally come due to financial stress or inability to travel to and from school.

  • Included in this is our initiative to build after school programs with local public schools and organizations. We already do this with Thrive Lonsdale, giving kids in the city a chance to explore the beauty of nature.

Land Protection

  • Your gift will help us in our ongoing initiative to heal the land in Knoxville (waterways and forests) in very practical ways. We also bring our kids into the process so that they develop a tangible worldview of environmental protection.

Professional Development

  • Your gift will help our staff deepen their awareness of nature education and the environment by attending conferences, deepening their training and connecting with the broader world of forest schools. Investing in our staff is investing in our kids.