Our forest school site sits in the heart of over 400 acres of gorgeous land in South Knoxville's Urban Wilderness. We have two stream fed streams that run through the site. Towering Sycamores, Poplars, Oaks and Pines, among  many other species of trees. Flora paint the understory with a rich diversity of color and use. Deer, turkey, snake, squirrel, chipmunk, skunk and turtle are among the many animals that roam the land. And we have a massive critter-verse as well. Crawdad, frogs and fish fill our creaks. Spiders, moths and caterpillars fill our plants. And the kids we bring to the forest every day fill the whole place with a vitality you have to see to understand what a blessing it is to work here. This is more than a school. It is the full range of human experience and potential.